Medical imaging refers to a number of techniques that can be used as non-invasive methods of looking inside the body. It can be used to assist diagnosis or treatment of various medical conditions.

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2.11 Modern analytical techniques

a) The use of mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and chromatography in analysis, including techniques for the elucidation of structure.

Physics 3.5 Waves
Qualitative treatment of polarisation and diffraction, path difference, phase and coherence, graphical treatment of superposition and standing waves

Scottish Curriculum

Physics Higher
Potentially relevant to modules: Particles and Waves (sub-atomic physics and waves)

Decode the acronyms

PET scan_300

Can you find out what the acronyms used in medical imaging stand for, what part of the electromagnetic spectrum they use and what this type of imaging is used for?

Image: A PET scan showing a tumour in a patient's lymph node.


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