Almost all organisms age and ageing is considered to be a normal biological process. Ageing occurs because damage to molecules, cells and tissues throughout life leads to loss of function and increased risk of death. Research can increase understanding of the human ageing process and lead to interventions that can improve health and quality of life in older people.

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Curriculum links

Scottish Curriculum
Human Biology Higher Potentially relevant to modules: Physiology and Health (the cardiovascular system, relevant tissues and circulation and the pathology of cardiovascular disease, including their impact on society and on personal lifestyle) Neurobiology and Communication (neural communication and the links between neurotransmitters and behaviour, while considering personal and social citizenship)
Environmental Science Higher

Potentially relevant to modules: Sustainability (Global environmental issues will focus on problems, solutions and conflicts, such as population)


Age related diseases

brainWhich of the following disorders are age-related? Decide which are more likely to happen to older people. For some background information, listen to this audio clip from Professor Nir Barzilai on the treatment of age-related disorders.

Image: A PET (positron emission tomography) scan of the brain of someone with Alzheimer's disease.


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